Irrecoverable Carbon

A new paper published in Nature Sustainability mapped the irrecoveral carbon in earth's ecosystems. It shows how manageable, vulnerable and irrecoverable carbon are distributed among ecosystems. Petland, mangrove forests, old-growth forests are the most important-reserve of irrecoverable carbon. ““Irrecoverable carbon” refers to the vast stores of carbon in nature that are vulnerable to release from human activity and, if lost, could not be restored by 2050 — when the world must reach net-zero emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change..”. Here we are showing the percentage of irrecoverable carbon density by ACP country in million tonnes and the mean of irrecoverable carbon density for the year 2018 in Mg ha-1 protected by protected and conserved areas.

To explore deeper the original dataset and  research, visit Conservation International Resilience Atlas. Source:  Noon, M.L., Goldstein, A., Ledezma, J.C. et al. Mapping the irrecoverable carbon in Earth’s ecosystems. Nat Sustain 5, 37–46 (2022).



Data Uploaded by Simona Lippi using the BIOPAMA Services (2022)



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