In 2019, when the second phase of the BIOPAMA program was launched, strategic actions were identified to promote more efficient and sustainable management of protected areas in the West African sub-region. One of them was to develop a report on the State of West African Marine Protected Areas (EdAMP) 2021 which should be:

  • a reference publication presenting the state of marine protected areas for West Africa;
  • a useful and operational decision support tool;
  • the result of a participatory and inclusive process that benefits upstream from the contribution of practitioners who are actors in the effective and efficient management of protected areas in the countries concerned in West Africa.

The BIOPAMA program in collaboration with OBAPAO leads the process of the development of the EdAMP started in August and whose finalization is scheduled in December 2021 with a view to its presentation at the “African Protected Areas Congress” (APAC), scheduled for March 2022 in Kigali.

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Etat des Aires Marines Protégées (EdAMP) d’Afrique de l’Ouest 2021 : relance et finalisation du processus


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