Measuring and monitoring protected area performance

Protected areas (PAs) are a key strategy for the conservation of natural values with associated ecosystem services and cultural values. But PAs need to be managed effectively in order to achieve their multiple goals and objectives. The evaluation of Protected Area Management Effectiveness (PAME) is therefore a critical element of adaptive PA management.

This PAME Module of the BIOPAMA Reference Information System (RIS) provides a one-stop shop for essential information and resources on PAME in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. The module supports the BIOPAMA Regional Observatories, national ministries and agencies, PA managers and staff, and others (e.g. donors and NGOs).

The module provides an overview of the most important PAME assessment tools and the many PAME assessments carried out in the ACP countries (e.g. which tools have been used where and when). This includes the Integrated Management Effectiveness Tool (IMET) tool developed by BIOPAMA. The module also provides easy access to key PAME resources and PA management plans. Registered users can contribute additional information and resources to the PAME Module.



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